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Company Information

CI Concept


We consider natural resources-which are gifts from nature-as primary resources, and products and raw materials for processing-created by human beings-as secondary resources.

We also regard recyclable materials and waste as tertiary resources, and attempt to create resources (material creation) in an active manner.

The tertiary resources-recyclable materials-assume an important role in conserving global resources.


Naming Concept

"MATEC" was coined from "material" and "creation".The name has the connotation of promoting creation and development of all recyclable resources with advanced technology, without depleting resources.

Design Concept

The shape of entire design represents the letter "M". The dynamic graphics symbolize MATEC Corporation’s vigor, spirit of innovation, and intelligence. The circle embodies the image of the birth of the new tertiary resources as well as a creative leap.

The blue and green corporate colors evoke feelings of trust and purity, and a new global environment, respectively.

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